• What is VERSUS4U?

    VERSUS4U is a real time ranking game. The goal is to defeat a human opponent in different, predefined skill categories. The result can be recorded with a photo or video evidence.

  • Why do I have to submit pictures / videos as evidence?

    Our challenges must be completed in reality, which is why the completed challenges can only be captured by appropriate pictures and videos.

  • Can I earn rewards through advertisements?

    Yes, we have 2 types of reward-based advertising.

    Under "More coins" the function "earn" is available. With this button you are asked if you want to watch an advertisement to get coins for it. After confirmation, the ad starts and after that 40 coins are credited.

    In the upper right corner of the screen is the current coin status. By clicking on it, a window with the button "BUY MORE" opens to reach the menu "More Coins".

    The function is also reachable via the Shop, the selection "INVENTORY" and my Coins "buy".

    In addition, we offer the possibility to lose only half of the points invested when leaving a challenge.
    If a challenge is given up and left, you can choose between "GIVE UP" and "LOOK AT ADVERTISEMENT".

    When the advertisement is viewed, half of the inserted points are credited again afterwards.

  • Do I only play against players in my country?

    No, in VERSUS4U you can meet opponents from every region of the world.

  • What happens to my game content after I have uploaded it?

    The community decides the winner. After the evidence has been uploaded, the challenge is displayed in the feed and can be voted there.

  • In which languages is VERSUS4U available?

    VERSUS4U is available in German, English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • On which platforms is the game available?

    VERSUS4U is available for iOS and Android.
    A desktop version is currently not planned.

  • How do I contact the support?

    Our support can be reached via the contact form or directly via e-mail at support@versus4u.com.

  • In which languages is the support available?

    Support requests can currently be answered in German and English. In all other languages we have to use translation software temporarily.

  • How quickly will my request be processed?

    Our support team will answer your request within 48 hours.

  • Why was I blocked?

    At VERSUS4U we expect our players to play fair, honest and respectful. For this reason, we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding cheating or abusive behavior in the game. Any player who has violated our terms of use will be banned from the game and all progress associated with their account will be lost. Some of the violations that result in suspension include (but are not limited to);

    • Hacking or changing the game.
    • Exploiting game exploits.
    • Using unauthorized third-party software to modify or disrupt the game.
    • Using hateful, defamatory, abusive or otherwise offensive language.

    The complete terms of service can be found under the following link: https://versus4u.com/en/terms_of_service

  • Can I change my name?

    It is not intended to change its name. VERSUS4U waives the possibility of anonymous profiles, therefore the account must be created with the correct first and last name. For name changes please contact the support.

Game and navigation guide

  • Play

  • How do I play VERSUS4U?

    There are two possibilities: Accept games via push notification or search for an opponent yourself. You will then be redirected to the corresponding challenge with your opponent. From this point on, you have 15 seconds:

    Accept challenge (Play button)

    Cancel challenge with a joker (Pause button)

    Leave challenge with loss of points (Stop button)

  • What happens if I accept the challenge?

    Once you have accepted, you will be forwarded to the Challenge. In the challenge, the available time with timer, the task, category and difficulty will be shown again. Below this, depending on the challenge, the photo or video symbol will be displayed, which will direct you to the camera.

  • How do I use a joker?

    During the 15 seconds of the decision, you can use the pause button to use a joker. A window will then appear where you can insert the appropriate joker. If no joker is available, you can use this window to go directly to the store to buy one.

  • What happens if my opponent leaves the Challenge?

    If your opponent leaves the Challenge or has not accepted it in time, you will receive a notification in the Challenge. You will then be redirected to the game menu.

  • Why was I redirected from the challenge back to the game menu?

    If you don't make a decision in the given 15 seconds, this is automatically considered as leaving (stop button).

  • Why do I only have 15 seconds to make my decision?

    In VERSUS4U there are tasks that take only a few minutes / seconds. This way we prevent players from gaining an advantage if they delay their decision.

  • Why do I not have 15 seconds to make a decision on a quiz?

    This prevents players from getting the answer through a search engine.

  • How do I upload my photos / videos in the Challenge?

    You can create unlimited photos / videos in each challenge. With a click on the picture preview (bottom left) you can select and upload the corresponding photo / video. If the green loading bar shows 100%, you can leave the challenge and play further challenges.

  • Where can I find challenges that I have not yet completed?

    If you closed the app by mistake during a running Challenge or if you are in a VERSUS-Challenge that you don't want to finish at the moment, you will find the unfinished Challenges in the play menu (green play button) below the ranking.

  • Profile

  • How can I change my profile picture?

    The profile picture can be changed by clicking on your profile or under the menu item Edit Profile Picture. You can choose from your library or take a new picture directly.

    Your display picture must be placed in a circle and can be rotated as desired using the scrollbar. To finish the process use the "Crop" symbol.

  • Which levels are there?

    There are 11 different levels in VERSUS4U, where each player starts at 2000 points and level 3. The classification is continued as follows:

    Level 1:0-999 Points
    Level 2:1'000 - 1’999 Points
    Level 3:2'000 - 2’999 Points
    Level 4:3'000 - 3’999 Points
    Level 5:4'000 - 4’999 Points
    Level 6:5'000 - 9’999 Points
    Level 7:10’000 - 49’999 Points
    Level 8:50'000 - 99’999 Points
    Level 9:100'000 - 199’999 Points
    Level 10:200'000 - 499’999 Points
    Level Expert:ab 500’000 Points
  • Where can I find my friends and subscribers?

    Through the profile view you can access the menu Friends / Subscribers.

    There are 3 different categories: Friends, Subscribed and Subscribers.

    Friends: Players you are friends with.

    Subscribed: Players you have sent a friend request to, but they have not yet answered or declined it.

    Subscribers: Players who have sent you a friend request, but you have not yet responded.

  • Where can I find the chat and how does it work?

    On the left side in the profile view there are the speech bubbles that forward directly to the active chat histories. All active chats are displayed here.

    When you visit a player profile, clicking on the speech bubbles opens the chat for that person. This does not have to be in your friends list.

  • What is a Winstreak?

    The Winstreak is displayed in the button of the last played games.

    In the button with the flame you can see how many games you have won in a row.

    Viewing the Winstreak of other players is only possible with a premium account.

  • Where can I find my last played games?

    After the voting is finished, the last played games are displayed in the lower half of the profile view.

  • Notifications

  • What are notifications and what purpose do they serve?

    This is where friend requests, messages about level up and down and general support messages are displayed.

  • Where can I find my open game requests?

    Game requests will be sent directly to your smartphone as a push notification, if not deactivated. If it is not accepted while the opponent is searching, it is no longer available.

  • Game menu

  • Which locations can I choose and how do I configure them?

    VERSUS4U is categorized into the location’s office, home, WC and outdoor.

    We strongly recommend to define where to play before each challenge. With the selection in the upper area you can define which locations are accessible or where you are currently located. A multiple selection is possible and makes sense in many situations. Activated locations are displayed in green.

    If you challenge a player directly via his player profile, the location filter in the settings 1on1 is automatically applied.

  • What are Quick-Challenges?

    Quick-Challenges last a maximum of 5 minutes and offer the perfect game fun for in between. Using the Locations filter you can select where you are and it will take no more than 5 minutes to complete the task.

    While the challenge is running, you may not leave the game, otherwise it will be considered lost.

  • What are VERSUS-Challenges?

    VERSUS-Challenges have a much higher time requirement than Quick-Challenges. A task is randomly generated which can take up to 24 hours. Don't worry, you don't have to play 24 hours in a row. There are only up to 24 hours time available.

  • What is the competition ranking?

    The ranking list includes the current annual ranking and shows the ten top rankings. By clicking on the "ME" tab you can see your current ranking and see the 5 players behind you and the 4 players that are placed in front of you.

  • What are the difficulty levels and point stakes in VERSUS4U?

    The levels of difficulty are divided into different point categories.

    We distinguish between Quick and VERSUS Challenges.


    LOW-Quick: Simple, fast tasks with a stake of 25 points.
    MID-Quick: More demanding, fast tasks with a stake of 50 points.
    HIGH-Quick: Advanced, fast tasks with a stake of 100 points.
    1K-Quick: Difficult, fast tasks with a stake of 1000 points. (Only playable from level 5)


    LOW-VERSUS: Simple tasks with a stake of 250 points.
    MID-VERSUS: More demanding tasks with a stake of 500 points.
    HIGH-VERSUS: More demanding tasks with a stake of 1000 points.
    5K-VERSUS: More difficult tasks with a stake of 5000 points. (Only playable from level 7 on)
    10K-VERSUS: Extreme tasks with a stake of 10000 points. (Only playable from level 9 on)

  • How can I play against friends?

    In 1on1 we offer the possibility to compete with friends. You can search for your opponent in the friends list and challenge him/her directly to 1on1. There are 5 1on1 challenges available to you daily. Unlimited games are possible with a premium account.

    You can also challenge a friend directly from the 1on1 menu.

  • Can I play a 1on1 against a random opponent?

    In 1on1 you can challenge a random opponent without the risk of losing points.

  • Is there also a ranking list in 1on1?

    Yes, this is displayed in the 1on1 menu for each opponent in the form of statistics.

  • Feed

  • How does the feed work?

    The community decides the winner. In the feed you will see the latest challenges and you can vote for the winner.
    You can recognize already completed voting by the two displays "Win" and "Loose".

    The feed contains the following functions:

    1. profile pictures = link to profile
    2. challenges = wipe function left/right for full screen view
    3. challenge
    4. location, category and available time
    5. vote or winner / loser
    6. like
    7. comment
    8. share
    9. report

  • How can I report a player or game content?

    If you find offensive or in any way inappropriate content, please report the player or challenge. Support will review each reported case and take appropriate action.

    We are dependent on your help to offer our community for all age groups and to maintain a correct and fair contact with each other.

  • Shop

  • What can I buy in the Shop?

    The shop is divided into the categories Premium, Sets and Joker.

    The game currency is called "coins" and is used to buy the game content.

    In the inventory are the already purchased items as well as the display "My Coins" which also serves as a redirection to buy coins.

    The following offers are currently available:

  • Settings

  • Where can I find the settings?

    The settings are located in the profile view in the upper right corner.

  • How can I change my profile picture?

    The profile picture can be configured via the settings.

    Under the menu item Edit Profile Image an image from the library can be selected or a new image can be taken directly.

    Your display image must be placed in a circle and can be rotated as desired using the scrollbar. To finish the process use the "Crop" symbol.

  • Why do I receive push notifications?

    Push notifications keep you informed about current search requests from friends or random opponents and let you jump right into the game.

    Push notifications can be switched on and off via the respective device settings. The link will redirect you to the appropriate place.

    We recommend to always leave the push notifications activated to be informed about new challenges and results.

  • What does the "Ready to play" function mean?

    This feature allows new game requests to be sent to you via push notification.

    Without this you will probably miss most of your friends' game requests and will only be able to play against them if they are directly in the game. If "Ready to play" is disabled, you will not be able to start games yourself.

Items and payments

  • What are coins?

    Coins are the in-game currency of VERSUS4U.

    With them you can buy items like Joker, Premium Accounts and the sets.

  • What are jokers?

    Jokers are used to leave a challenge without losing points. Without using a joker the challenge can only be left with a loss of points or must be completed.

  • What is a premium account?

    The premium account offers the following advantages:

    Unlimited 1on1
    For players without a premium account the 1on1 function is limited to 5 games per day. Climb to the top of the 1on1 Leaderboard by removing this limitation with the premium account.

    Display of player profiles
    With an active premium account you can view player profiles of current opponents or friends and followers. You also get an insight into the Winstreak and the odds of victory and defeat.

    Profile picture and "PRO" Badge
    Your profile will also be equipped with the "PRO" badge and you can give your display image a stylish frame. Everyone will recognize that you enjoy the advantages of the Premium Account.

  • What is a set?

    A set contains several jokers, which are offered at a promotional price or with a discount.

    Example: Versus AMATEUR Set: 12x Low / 6x Mid / 1x High Joker
    Set price: 1800 coins / Regular Joker price: 2240 coins

  • Why have I not received my purchase?

    When you make a purchase in the game, it is usually delivered immediately. However, sometimes it can take a little longer. In such a case your request will still be processed and you just have to be patient a little bit. This can take up to 24 hours.

    If you still have not received your purchase after 24 hours, please contact us. We will gladly help you. In this case, we need a screenshot of your receipt showing the date of the transaction and the ID.

    If your purchase was made on an Apple device, please contact Apple directly. (Apple is responsible for managing its own store and resolving any related issues).

  • Can I buy in another currency?

    No, purchases can only be made in the local currency.

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